Sublime Design & Objets d’art

Martin McShane, has created these stunning art pieces for grand interiors. He has combined beautiful, semi-precious materials with traditional techniques, the result being intricately sculpted bespoke pieces of floral art, vintage-inspired, yet contemporary in look and feel.


His palette includes satin ribbon, shell, glass and crystal beads, gemstones and mixed metal foliage. The floral sculptures are often housed in individual Victorian glass domes. Vases can be individually commissioned also - the colour, shape and even the beautifully etched foliage surface carefully considered to complement the bejeweled bouquet they hold.


To conclude, Martin’s floral pieces have an eye-catching, jewel-like quality created through his unique artistry and unusual marriage of exquisite materials. His pieces are truly breath-taking and most definitely add a touch of magic and timeless glamour to any setting or occasion.

Martin McShane

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